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About Us

At Realty Select Services LLC, we are dedicated to demonstrating that

"Who You Select Is Everything"

We are a Professional Management Team led by Broker Nancy Maggiore. We understand that your investment in real estate is a major commitment, and we are always mindful of that commitment. We all work with one goal in mind-to maximize your real estate investments.


When we focus on your INVESTMENT PROPERTY, the key components are:


Supported by

  • Administration
  • Technical Support
  • Marketing /Sales

Let's Follow The Investment Property Through This Process-

Owner researches and chooses Realty Select Services, LLC to lease and manage the property, and Realty Select Services agrees to lease and manage the property.

Maintenance Coordinator inspects and photographs the property and completes the inspection report.

Marketing and Sales inspects and photographs the property, verifies the suggested market rent, and approves the marketing plan.

Technical Support reviews marketing photographs and marketing information and implements the marketing plan through at least 20 pre-determined websites.

Realizing that vacancies are costly to everyone, we move fast to secure the best possible resident in the shortest amount of time. This also helps to reach the tenant to find their next home quickly, which results in a happy tenant from the start! Since happy tenants tend to stay longer, we help reduce vacancies which are costly to your bottom line.

  1. Tenant Screening - resident applies on line
  2. Application is approved by 3rd party credit company
  3. Tenant signs attorney prepared lease
  4. Tenant pays all move in funds
  5. Tenant move in process begins remembering
  6. Owner is notified regarding move in date, rent etc.

At this point, here is a list of some of the service included as part of selecting Realty Select Services, LLC to manage your property.


  • Rent Collection
    • Collect all rents and receivables Record all rents, receivables and invoices
    • Notify and collect any past due rents Prepare ACH tenant debits/ACH owner deposits
    • Process Property Repair Invoices Email Owners copies of Invoices - upload to web
  • Lease Renewals
    • Notify owners/ tenants of renewals Confirm Owner/Tenant desire to renew
    • Prepare Lease Abstract for attorney Email Abstract to Attorney
    • Monitor lease signing Notify Owner of Lease status
  • Owner Reports
    • Upload Owner Statements Prepare and issue all required Tax Documents

Available by email to answer owner questions throughout the month.


  • All aspects of the condition of the property are documented at the time we receive the property, when the resident moves into the property, at intervals during resident tenancy and at the time the resident vacates the property.
  • Repair Request
    • All repair requests are submitted electronically.
    • They are reviewed and evaluated by the Property Manager
  • Maintenance Coordinator
    • Inspects the property when the tenant vacates and submits a detailed report as to the condition of the property. The Maintenance Coordinator submits estimates for any work needed. The Property Manager evaluates the report and submits approved work orders. The Maintenance Coordinator and the Property Manager work closely together to insure that the owner's investment is always protected. Realty Select Services has no financial ownership or interest in any vendor services used. Therefore, all maintenance performed is performed by third party providers.
  • Emergency Service
    • We provide a 24/7 Emergency Service that residents can call in the event of an emergency.



  • Post listing information to marketing websites
  • Staff admin technical support
  • Insure technical equipment and software is functioning for optimal efficiency /usefulness


Our Broker/Owner has over 20 years of experience in commercial and residential sales, leasing and management serving the profession as member of the Board of Realtors, NEFAR Property Manager of the Year, and NARPM past president. Our Director of Accounting has over 20 years experience with as extensive background in general administrative operating duties. Our Maintenance Coordinator has over 15 years experience in the construction industry and is state certified, licensed and lead based certified. Our head of Technical Support has over 30 years experience in technology particularly as it relates to the function of hardware, software and real estate marketing.

At Realty Select Services, LLC, we all work with one goal in mind- To Maximize Your Real Estate Investments.

Proving On A Daily Basis That-

"Who You Select Is Everything !"

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