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The Lease Purchase Program

What is The Lease Purchase Program? Simply put, it's the best of both worlds!

Our team of real estate sales and property management professionals work together to administer this program and provide both the seller and the buyer with the experts in their respective real estate fields- sales, leasing, and property management.

For the Buyer

testimonialNot quite ready to buy, but definitely ready to settle down? The Lease Purchase Program may be perfect for you! This program allows you to make an offer on a home, move in and pay rent for a year, then purchase the home at the end of your one year lease agreement.

Contact us today and let us help you determine if this option is right for you!

For the Seller

Need to sell, but can't find a buyer? The Lease Purchase Program may be perfect for you! This program can increase the number of potential buyers looking at your property. Many potential buyers may be new to the area, have just started a new career, have recently changed marital status, have had in increase or decrease in the number of household members, and may need time to identify the home they want to purchase. This program allows the buyer to make an offer, enter into a one year lease agreement, move in, and take the next year to put themselves in a position to close on the property. In the meantime, the seller has a purchase agreement and is receiving income in the form of rent with an identified sales price and closing date. In short, this program allows you to accept an offer on your property, generate rental income for one year, and sell your property at the end of a one year lease agreement.

Contact us today and let us help you determine if this option is right for you!

What Can I Expect With The Lease Purchase Program?

  • The Seller with enter into a sales listing agreement and a leasing and management agreement
  • The Seller's goals will be prioritized ranking: sale, lease purchase, and lease in order of preference
  • The property will be listed in MLS for sale and for rent by two different companies
  • The property will have a for sale and a for rent sign on the property
  • The Buyer/Lessee will be pre-approved prior to submitting an offer
  • The Buyer/Lessee will sign an offer to purchase and lease
  • The property will have a home inspection prior to Buyer/Lessee taking occupancy
  • The Seller will provide a one year home warranty during the lease period

Lease Purchase Program FAQs

Does any of the rent go toward the purchase price?
Yes, a portion of the rent does go into an escrow fund and can be used toward the down payment. Sometimes the seller will agree to match some of these funds.

What if the Buyer/Lessee fails to close?
It is handled the same as if the buyer fails to close on a purchase agreement. The security deposit and the escrow funds would be retained as per the purchase agreement.

What if the Buyer/Lessee needs more time?
At the end of the year, if the buyer needs more time, the terms and conditions of the new purchase agreement and sales agreement may be renegotiated if both parties are in agreement to renegotiate.

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